Top scores Gulfi in laatste recensie Vinous Media over Sicilië

top scores voor Gulfi in de laatste recensie van Vinous Media over Sicilië.

Tevens een paar van de hoogst scorende!

"As you can see, this is a “terrific” line of beautiful scores, which tells me - and tells you -, that the way we work is without compromise, as I always repeat to all our partners and final customers: we work equally for all our vineyards, their difference comes only by the “terra”... (soil/terroir), where the vines get in touch with, and by environment that can distinguish them. This is our commitment. This is the only way we know working: a culture for the present and future generation to teach, not only for making unique wines, but for preserving a story, a land an island.

With this in mind I wish you a marvelous start of the week.

With my very best.

Sincerely, Matteo"